About Founder.

Rohit Saini.

  • Our chief investment advisor, Rohit Saini, is a versatile personality with deep knowledge of share markets
  • He has very extensive experience in the US, Europe, and the Asian stock markets.
  • Rohit is in this trade for more than half a decade, read more which includes at least 3.5 years in Indian financial markets and no less than 2 years in the US markets.
  • Currently, he is actively exploring and is profitably active in both markets.
  • His investment style is an amalgamation of both growth and value investing styles, thereby reaping maximum profits with optimal investments.
  • Rohit is well known for recommending only those specific stocks to clients whom he deems profitable and personally invests in.
  • He dedicatedly pursues the goal of building long-term relationships with clients by making sure they profit together.
  • Some of his long term customers are connected with him for as long as five years.
  • Rohit is well connected to many business tycoons across the country who is visibly satisfied with being his clients.
  • They share a strong bond with him based on trust and transparency.
  • Rohit believes if he can ensure his customers earn huge returns, he benefits in return.
  • Backed by his humungous experience and diverse cultural outlook, Rohit has so far successfully promoted wealth creation for his clients by providing them Quality Research Analysis and intends to do the same, if not better, in near future.
Our Philosophy.

We don't sell services. We provide Financial Advice .

This means our financial plans are designed so as to meet clients’ needs. Our customers are the most important stakeholders for us. RSBN wealth prefers making a long term relationship with its clients.

What we do

RSBN wealth helps customers with their advice needs so that they can achieve their future goals

We work with clients to develop, execute and maintain a relevant financial strategy. RSBN wealth helps customers in their capital appreciation and risk optimization.

  • We help clients in making smart decisions with their investments
  • We help customers in achieving their financial goals
  • We help clients in becoming financial independent

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Company profile:

RSBN wealth has 5 years of experience in financial markets


We have more than 130 customers worldwide.

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