Each financial plan we make is unique.

We believe that a client’s financial plan must revolve around him. RSBN first finds a customer’s financial objectives and then prepare a plan accordingly.

RSBN wealth understands that life has a habit of changing, so as a customer’s financial goals. We work closely with our customers and change their strategy accordingly so that they can smoothly pass these changes and meet their goals at the same time.


What we do

We provide a range of services to help bring your financial well-being into focus.

Focus on Small & Mid-Cap Companies

Focus on High Growth Potential Stocks.

Prepare plans for long term investment

Management Meet Notes

Model Portfolio with Allocation Details

Average Holding Period : 6-18 Months

Comprehensive market reports

15-20 Ideas Per Annum

Insightful Regular Updates


“Quality service requires higher servicing charges.”

Payment Options

Account Transfer

If you are transferring through Cheque/DD/Account Transfer then please send an email to [email protected] with your Name, Email id, Account Number, Bank Name, Transaction Number and the amount transferred. Payment can be through Cheque, DD or Direct Account Tranfer.

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Our Investment advisors will make your financial plan by focusing on the following.

  • We can make a good wealth management plan for our clients by getting a deep understanding of their financial goals and objectives and also their risk-taking ability.
  • Unlike large corporate planners, we take the time to discover the path to your goals that will also allow you to live the life you want.
  • We suggest only those stocks to our clients, which we personally invest in our own accounts.

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Financial Planning Process

One size doesn't fit all, so the better we understand your situation, the better your plan will fit you.

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Investment Approach

We offer customized strategies to meet the diverse investment objectives of our clients.

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